Saturday, November 19, 2011

All I wanted was some Guacamole.

Once upon a time.
I had a sudden and urgent need for chips and guacamole.
So like any other normal person with guacamole needs, I got myself some chips and guacamole. 
I was excited about chips and guacamole. Like. REALLY excited about chips and guacamole. Unnaturally excited....
As a result of said excitedness, I wanted to get to my destination pronto and eat my delicious treat.
And then I got to the stairs. Did this slow me down? No. No no. There was no way I would let a set of stairs get in the way of my guacamole. So I proceeded down the stairs with continued, maybe even increased speed.

I'm not exactly what most would call "careful" when going down the stairs as it is, but now that I was beyond excited and moving at very high speeds, the danger factor went up significantly. And I got owned by and inanimate object. 
And then...somehow my foot slipped on one of the steps...

But hey. I stuck the landing.
Kind of.

The fam was clearly concerned at this point.
Really? Did I look okay?

Yeah I mean I think I just broke my back and I can't breathe but yeah. I'm just peachy.
And then. All sympathy was gone.

For the rest of the day there was constant mimicking and laughing at my expence.
Good thing the only thing I hurt was my pride right? WRONG. Even after we found out I cracked one and threw out three of my ribs the mocking continued. 
The Klutzy adventures of Whitney continue.